7,5 x 15 m, Wuppertal, Germany

"A few hours afterward we found ourselves surrounded by whales and other immeasurably large animals, among which was one whose size we could not overlook even with all the telescopes we had to our aid. Unfortunately, we did not become aware of the monster until we were quite close to it; and all at once it dragged our ship, masts upright and sails full, into its jaws between its teeth, against which the mast of the largest warship is a small stick. After we had lain for some time in its jaws, it opened the same quite wide, swallowed an immense quantity of water, and washed our ship, which, as you can easily imagine, was no small morsel, down into its stomach. And here we lay now as calmly as if we were anchored in a dead calm."

Preceding drawing: Felix Gephart

Mural: Felix Gephart and Dominik Hebestreit

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