Pen and ink, wash, white gouache.

26 x 36.2 inches. Kunstraum H&H

"The Ford grabbed for traction. Then its motor roared and it went sideslipping down the street. Water bubbled along the curb. The rain pattered down steadily. He stood there for a moment to take a good breath and then he started for the place. The place was on the alley above a garage behind a two story house. To get to it he walked down a narrow driveway which was between two houses close together. It was black between the houses. Rain from the two roofs met there and spattered down into wide puddles with a queer wet eco like water being poured into a cistern. His feet squished in the water as he went.“

(From: "Johnny got his gun“, Kensington Publishing Corp.) 

Right at the beginning of his deployment as a soldier, Johnny is informed that his father has passed away. He begins the difficult journey home, where his sister and mother are already grieving.