Ink brush, 37 x 26 inches. Kunstraum H&H 

"The instant the nurse left him he began to count. He counted to sixty which meant a minute as nearly as he would ever be able to figure it. Then in one side of his mind he checked up the minute he had measured and began counting from one to sixty again. The first time he tried it he got up to eleven minutes before his mind slipped off the track and his figures were lost.“

(From: "Johnny got his gun“, Kensington Publishing Corp.) 

Completely disoriented, Joe Bonham imagines himself in a hospital, whether in the old homeland or enemy territory is a mystery to him. He tries to determine the time by counting seconds...from one visit to the next. 

With great difficulty, he begins to regain an awareness of when it is day and when it is night by sensitizing his skin and registering temperature changes.