Ink brush, 40.9 x 30.7 in 

Private collection

Public executions are a particular highlight of Oceania's festivities. It is not only fitting to witness them, to shower the condemned with plenty of shame and to howl and cheer at the right places, but also to revel with shining eyes and glowing cheeks in the great fun on the following days. 

Denunciators, who make the capture and condemnation of any deviant possible in the first place, can be sure of praise and recognition. Since the enemy is suspected everywhere in the outside world, within the country, each city, block of houses working space, but also inside the own psyche, every inch of the brain, 24 hours control and surveillance of Oceania´s citizens through telescreens is deemed necessary. It is more than that, it is responsible, healthy, its installment and maintenance a wise and foresighted act that serves the protection of the people from themselves.

The task of a citizen is to control his own thoughts without any gap, either guided by real conviction of the party´s principles or just lead by fear of the consequences that dissenters suffer: No-one would like to be the subject to such an execution himself. The party calls this "thought control". Anyone who dares to think for himself, on the other hand, can quickly find himself in the role of "thought criminal“.

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